RSNO 500 Club

Sign up today – £500 could be on its way!

The RSNO 500 Club is a rewarding way to support Scotland’s National Orchestra.

The 500 Club has a maximum of 500 members. All you need to do is to donate £5 by Standing Order every month, for a minimum of twelve months. Your name will then be entered into the monthly draw giving you twelve chances of winning £500.

Your £5 monthly donation will support our programme of performances and projects across the country including the RSNO Junior Chorus and our valuable work with Rachel and Robin House.

Sign up today. £500 could be on its way!

What would £500 mean to you?

For further information or to join the RSNO 500 Club, please click here to contact Louise Fenlon, External Relations Officer.

Recent Lucky Winners

December 2017: to be announcedJoin today - it could be you!
November 2017Peter S., Edinburgh
October 2017James L., Ayrshire
September 2017Andy N., Glasgow
August 2017Irene T., Fife
July 2017Kenneth A., Troon

What £500 would mean to the RSNO:

  • A 300 mile round trip on the RSNO truck to Aberdeen for the opening night of the Season

  • 50 copies of the children’s choir score for a performance of Carmina Burana

  • 6 weeks of workshops in a primary school in a deprived area

  • 2 xylophones

  • 200 egg shakers!