Frequently Asked Questions

What is the required level of commitment?

The RSNO Chorus performs approximately six pieces of music per season, and singers are expected to attend at least 80% of rehearsals to be able to sing in the performance(s). The rehearsal and concert schedule is circulated several months in advance.

Can I come to a rehearsal before auditioning?

Yes, there are two open rehearsals each year where anyone that's interested in joining the RSNO Chorus is encouraged to come along and sing with the choir for an evening. But if you can't wait that long, please email

When is the next open rehearsal?

To be announced.

When are the next audition dates?

To be announced.

Please email with the subject line 'Audition' if you would like to add your name to the list.

Is there any financial support available for students and those on a low income?

The Grant Murray Bequest was set up by the family of a past member of the RSNO Chorus who died at the early age of thirty-one. Its purpose is to assist younger members of the Chorus to experience the opportunities Grant Murray had so much enjoyed, particularly touring with the Chorus. Funds from the Bequest are also available for help with the cost of singing lessons or to help with travelling expenses to rehearsals. Please contact for more details.

Do I need to buy my own music?

Members of the RSNO Chorus are asked to have their own copy of Handel's Messiah (Watkins Shaw edition), which the Chorus performs annually with the RSNO. All other music is provided.

Where does the RSNO Chorus perform?

The RSNO Chorus regularly performs with the RSNO in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and the Usher Hall, Edinburgh. The RSNO Chorus also occasionally travels to sing in the Caird Hall in Dundee, the Music Hall in Aberdeen and Perth Concert Hall.

Does the RSNO Chorus perform outside of Scotland?

The RSNO Chorus has been on a number of overseas tours, performing with the RSNO and with other orchestras. In recent years, the RSNO Chorus has performed in Copenhagen, Belfast, Australia, Norway, Amsterdam and Prague.