Young People Takeover the RSNO!

Due to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted our popular Takeover project into an online experience. Working in collaboration with composer Nathan Hall, young people from across Scotland composed a piece designed to be performed by remote musicians. The young people were involved in all aspects of the project, not only creating the work but also making their own #RSNOchallenge for children and families, and designing the marketing campaign for the online performance.

Composer Nathan Hall says:

“I've composed collaborative music before, and have made multimedia performances, but never has one of my collaborations looked quite like this! Even though I won't be leaving my house, I jumped at the chance to work on an international project, meet new musicians, and work with young people who want to explore many facets of music-making and creativity."

Scroll down the page to watch Going Places, a new audio/visual work created by the Takeover participants. Also included is a pre-concert talk, which explains the process of creating the piece.

We are grateful to the Angus Allnatt Charitable Foundation for its support of this year's Takeover project.

Going Places Pre-Concert Talk

Going Places Performance

Programme Notes

Click through the sections in the presentation below to learn about the making of Going Places. You can zoom in on anything you are interested in by clicking on it, then just click zoom out again to return to the previous menu. You can also zoom in to pictures by clicking on them!

Takeover / Going Places Blog

This blog, written by the young people involved in RSNO Takeover, will discuss and document the process of the project. We hope you enjoy reading about what we have been up to!

Abby: Welcome to RSNO Takeover 2020! Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have had to alter the way we participated in Takeover this year. Instead of cancelling the project altogether, we have decided to move every aspect of takeover online! On the 16th June we will be premiering a video, which we have called Going Places. Involving composition, graphics and the RSNO players, we hope this virtual performance video will bring people together from all over the world, through a digital platform (we have been working with Colorado composer Nathan Hall on Zoom and Google Drive to create this amazing project together.) Tune in at 7pm on the 16th June to see what we have created!

Mollie: We’ve not been working on this long. But the work we have done so far has been essential to the overall project. The meetings started off stinted and slightly awkward but I feel, at this point, we are on solid footing. We all have a good idea about what we are doing and I dare say, it looks like it's going to be amazing.

Personally, I’ve been finding sound clips for my section of the project and I have started the gruelling task of animating scenes to go along with the narratives. Hopefully I will be able to get it finished successfully and quickly! I enjoy the process, so it should be fun.

I’m looking forward to the final project, to see everyone's ideas and creations come together will be fantastic.

Max: I decided to be a part of the Learning team in RSNO a while back. Our project was that we had to come up with a new RSNO Challenge, I didn't think we'd get anywhere, but I got proven wrong pretty fast. In our first meeting we had come up with some alright ideas, until we had a breakthrough and came up with our challenge. I won't spoil it, but it is easy to learn and loads of fun. Once we knew how the game worked, we were writing scripts and recording almost instantly. It's been a load of fun, and I'm glad how it's all panned out. I'm hoping people enjoy our challenge.

Watch our RSNO Challenge

Mollie: I hope to be a graphic designer in the future, so I volunteered to do some of the advert and logo making. I’ve been working on the “going places” logo. I put forward some ideas to the presentation team which they chose between and I continued to develop that idea.

I always wanted to animate it, I feel that showing movement in the logo is good because it really fits with the theme of going places.

I sent these to the presentation team:

They chose option 2. So I began the process of fleshing out the idea fully, and actually making it look good.

I started with the footprints as part of the design, but it really cluttered up the space and didn’t leave much room for the “going places” text. I made the executive decision to get rid of them and instead made the text look as though it was written in the sand.

I was originally going to choose a font that was more authentic to that “written in the sand” look, but ultimately went for a script which looks more professional and clean.

With the help of the graphic designer at the RSNO, we got the idea to extend the G and the ending s to the edges of the logo. I also added a shadow and a highlight to the text to make it stand out against the flat background.

Then I added a sticker texture to the logo so that the logo looks like those luggage stickers and to create some depth.

Nathan Hall:

So many moving parts.

Teams: Presentation, L&E, Marketing, Creative.

Plus staff: RSNO players, digital/tech support...

RSNO players are sending in their video responses to the Scenes that the creatives have made.

I just hope I can edit these things that are so lovingly created and do them justice. I don’t want to pause our creative sound-making either, it seems like something that feels regular. I want them to feel like, here we go again: Nathan’s gonna get weird! I’m getting quite a lot of homework too. Checking on musical responses. Uploading and downloading. Editing. Taking our video sessions and chopping them into the interesting bits. But I think it could be helpful in the future. It also shows this can be done for other composers, projects, organizations. Online creativity can be awkward, but it’s not impossible. Humor is a great tool. I can be an inspiring educator and co-creator- I should stop having doubts about it. And the work feels so rewarding to do!