RSNO Takeover is going to look a little different in 2020…

We have engaged composer Nathan Hall, who, along with our Takeover 2020 participants, is going to compose a piece of music that is designed to be performed by remote musicians. We will present this piece of music online to an audience, as we would have performed our Takeover concert on the 16th June.

Nathan, who is based in the USA, says:

"What kind of music can we make in this weird world right now? We still can’t meet face to face, and virtual choirs are almost old news. I want to try something different, more like an online opera. We’ll come up with characters and dialogue, music that we write together and for the RSNO players, and we’ll work with our technology and what we have at home. Don’t worry - you don’t have to sing, as there will be something creative for everyone. This is all new territory and we’ll explore it together!"

Find out more about Nathan here.

RSNO Takeover Blog

This blog, written by the young people involved in RSNO Takeover, will discuss and document the process of the project. We hope you enjoy reading about what we have been up to!

Abby: Welcome to RSNO Takeover 2020! Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we have had to alter the way we participated in Takeover this year. Instead of cancelling the project altogether, we have decided to move every aspect of takeover online! On the 16th June we will be premiering a video, which we have called Going Places. Involving composition, graphics and the RSNO players, we hope this virtual performance video will bring people together from all over the world, through a digital platform (we have been working with Colorado composer Nathan Hall on Zoom and Google Drive to create this amazing project together.) Tune in at 7pm on the 16th June to see what we have created!

Mollie: We’ve not been working on this long. But the work we have done so far has been essential to the overall project. The meetings started off stinted and slightly awkward but I feel, at this point, we are on solid footing. We all have a good idea about what we are doing and I dare say, it looks like it's going to be amazing.

Personally, I’ve been finding sound clips for my section of the project and I have started the gruelling task of animating scenes to go along with the narratives. Hopefully I will be able to get it finished successfully and quickly! I enjoy the process, so it should be fun.

I’m looking forward to the final project, to see everyone's ideas and creations come together will be fantastic.