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Welcome to the RSNO Friday Night Club! Every week we will bring never-before-seen concert footage straight to your living room. We're experiencing a high volume of traffic to our website during this premiere broadcast so this is a low-bandwidth version of this web page so you can enjoy the performance without distractions.

Thank you for joining us for this week’s concert – Brahms' German Requiem – with conductor Gregory Batsleer, soprano Alison McNeill, baritone Oskar McCarthy, the RSNO Chorus and pianists Edward Cohen and Christopher Baxter. Other viewing options include Facebook or on our YouTube channel through your computer or app on your TV.

Let us know where you are watching from on social media using #RSNOFridaynightclub

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The RSNO is a registered charity, and, with many others, will be severely impacted by the Coronavirus crisis, which is touching the lives of each and every one of us. The support of our audiences and supporters continues to inspire and uplift us, now more than ever. We would like to take this opportunity to send our support and best wishes to you and your families during this challenging time.

In common with many of our colleagues around the country, we have been forced to cancel concerts and events. Ticket sales count for a large part of our income therefore these cancellations will have a considerable financial impact. We are therefore asking you to consider supporting the RSNO at this very difficult time, by donating the cost of your tickets. We realise for many, this may not be possible, however if you are able to consider this request, we would be extremely grateful for your generosity.