Katy Returns to Shetland – Part 3

Associate Principal Oboe Katy MacKintosh continues her collaboration with Shetland musicians this weekend, following Orchestra’s successful visit to Shetland last March. She will perform two concerts with acclaimed Shetland musicians Maurice Henderson and Margaret Scollay, as well as her father, pianist Graeme MacKintosh. Katy sent us this blog.
Today [Thursday] started with a wonderful run at Culswick on Shetland's west side. There's a dramatic valley here, where the hills rise steeply on either side. We came upon a small Methodist chapel, built in 1893, with an old harmonium on which we played the Psalm I wrote for our concerts. It felt like we were bringing it home.
Then on to the Culswick broch, which is perched on the top of cliffs and remains remarkably intact despite being battered by the winds. The cottage lying below is built from stones plundered from the broch and, in contrast, lies in ruins. Our rehearsal tonight went well. I now spend less time thinking about how to play in a Shetland idiom, and am simply enjoying the experience of playing together.Gale force nine winds are forecast for later tonight. If this were at home, it would be time to batten down the hatches – in Shetland it's no big deal. The record wind speed recorded here was 177mph – just before the measuring equipment blew away!