Musical Memories

The RSNO's Legacy Programme

We all have special Musical Memories. It could be learning to play an instrument as a child, or a special piece of music which left you breathless the first time you heard it. Maybe it was seeing a soloist you had always wanted to hear, or just enjoying a great concert with friends. It is memories such as those which make music such an important part of your life.

Help us to make Musical Memories for future generations by leaving a gift to the RSNO in your will.

Leaving a legacy to the RSNO is the single most important way you can help us create memories for future generations. Your gift will support the work of the Orchestra for years to come, ensuring that we continue to bring great music to a new generation of children, young people and adults right across Scotland.

It is really easy to leave a gift. After you have made provisions for family and friends, please think of the Orchestra. Your gift is vital to us and to everyone in Scotland who enjoys music. Your solicitor can help you to draft your will or add a codicil to a current will.

If your estate is subject to inheritance tax, a gift to a charity is tax free and will reduce the amount of tax payable to the Government. Please ask your solicitor for details.

If you would like to discuss this further please contact Sarah Modley at sarah.modley@rsno.org.uk in the strictest confidence.

We would like to thank the many people who have kindly pledged a gift to us in their will. Their pledges help us secure a vibrant future for the music they love. We will not know about the generosity of many of them until we receive their gifts. Others have told us of their pledges in advance and we would like to thank them for their kind bequests.

The Lillie Bequest

Each year the Royal Scottish National Orchestra dedicates a concert to a remarkable man, Dr Robert Lillie, who left the Orchestra a remarkable legacy. A great lover of music and the visual arts, he assembled a fine collection of pictures in his life, a great part of which he chose to dedicate after his death to the future of Scotland's National Orchestra.
This imaginative and generous bequest has been realised over time, with the proceeds helping to build the RSNO Foundation, and through the Foundation to fund the Orchestra's overseas tours and recordings.

Mrs Evelyn G Moore

Mrs Evelyn G Moore kindly left the RSNO a generous legacy, part of which was used to purchase the Orchestra’s timpani. Martin Gibson, the RSNO’s Principal Timpani at the time, took great care selecting the instruments. They were hand made by Lefima in Germany and took six months to complete. When the Orchestra visited Germany on tour, Martin was able to invite the makers of the drums to a concert to hear the distinctive sound of their timpani. We are incredibly grateful for the gift that Mrs Moore made and that we were able to keep the funds in reserve until they could be of most use. So when you hear the timpani in our concerts, think of the wonderful legacy that Mrs Moore has given to the RSNO and our audiences.

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