The RSNO Community Interviews

Aisha Oyedepo, RSNO Young Ambassador and Takeover Participant

Aisha Oyedepo, 17, is one of our current Young Ambassadors and has also taken part in the RSNO Takeover programme. Here she shares more about her experiences with the RSNO.

How did you get involved in RSNO Takeover?

I applied for my first Takeover in 2017 and my second in 2018. I got picked for both years. The first year that I took part, I was an artistic planner, which gave me experience of seeing how the concerts programme for the RSNO is put together. The RSNO was great at accommodating what I wanted to get out of the experience, which prompted me to apply the next year to do production, as my goal was to apply to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Juniors Programme in Production. Through the two years, I made amazing contacts and friends. The highlight for me was in 2018 when I got to set up the Orchestra and design the lighting – brilliant!

How would you describe RSNO Takeover to other young people who might be interested in taking part?

RSNO Takeover is a great experience. At first it was challenging for me – I am quite shy – but everyone at the RSNO was so supportive. I highly recommend this experience to anyone, regardless of their ability to play a classical instrument, because there are so many roles you can get involved with that show you the many aspects of life in an orchestra – on stage and backstage!

What have you gone on to do after being part of RSNO Takeover?

After Takeover, I applied to the RCS Juniors Programme for Production and got in. This will be my second year as a junior student. Takeover helped me build my confidence and skills by challenging me to do the things I would not have necessarily chosen to do on my own.

You are also now on the RSNO Young Ambassador Programme. Why did you want to become a Young Ambassador?

I wanted to be a Young Ambassador because I thought it would be fun – which it definitely is! I also wanted to have another opportunity to work over a longer period of time with the RSNO. As well as that, I wanted to do more with my love of classical music. The Young Ambassadors Programme is giving me opportunities to meet other young people who share this passion.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to get on to the BA Production course at the RCS. The RSNO is definitely helping me get closer to this goal by giving me opportunities to develop my skills and confidence.

Finally, what is your favourite piece of music and why?

My favourite classical piece is Une barque sur l’océan from Ravel’s Miroirs played by André Laplante. I love this piece because, like the name, it moves like a boat on a calm ocean and I love the feeling it gives me – especially after a stressful day at school. It’s really a great piece to relax to.