RSNO New Bands: Blog Post One

RSNO New Bands is a new programme of activity designed to get groups of musicians to incorporate orchestral instruments into their own original material.Digital Projects Coordinator at the RSNO, Neil Cullen, explains.
Using a concert last October in Paisley Abbey with The Twilight Sad and Admiral Fallow as a starting point, Royal Scottish National Orchestra musicians are mentoring fledgling artists on how best to orchestrate for a variety of genres. Last year's concert was organised as part of Paisley's Spree Festival and Head of Brass at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, John Logan, was in charge of delivering arrangements of both bands' songs for full symphony orchestra.
On the morning of the concert, John Logan led an introductory workshop for three young bands from the Glasgow area (Marie Collins, Les Rusty Scruffs and Junkie Romance) along with input from Admiral Fallow's Phil Hague (who also handled some of the night's arrangements), Sarah Hayes and Kevin Brolly. Also in attendance at this first workshop was Ruth Rowlands, Davur Magnussen and John Whitener who play the positions of Cello, Principal Trombone and Principal Tuba with the RSNO, and would go on to lead the individual workshops with each band.

After the seminar on the morning of the concert, each band had individual workshop in December with Ruth, Davur and John at the University of the West of Scotland. These workshops will extend until June of 2014, with a performance planned later in the year where each of the bands will perform with the RSNO the fruits of their labour during the New Bands programme.
The bands that are taking part in the workshops are Marie Collins, Les Rusty Scruffs, and Junkie Romance, who you can find more about in the next episode of the New Bands video blog series
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