RSNO Takeover 2014, Day 1: Brass & Percussion

RSNO Takeover is an intensive two-day work experience project which took place at the RSNO Centre on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 June 2014. The young people who have been working with the RSNO's musicians describe their experiences on the first day of the programme.

Callum Bain, Trumpet – Callandar, Stirling
Today we had sectionals and decided which pieces will be played at the concert tomorrow.
In our sectionals we focused on our ensemble and intonation. One thing I found challenging today was the transposition in the pieces. I enjoyed the sectionals with a member of the orchestra. I have learned a lot from this. Today was the first time I had seen the music which with the addition of transposing was a new experience.
Rowan Gaff, Percussion – East Dumbartonshire
I have really enjoyed today. I liked the fun games we played this morning to get to know people’s names and who they were. My favourite part of today was when we were practicing the pieces and I was shown how to play all sorts of percussion instruments in different ways especially when I was shown how to play my tambourine part in the Nutcracker, which looks really difficult. I can’t wait till the concert tomorrow because I know it’s going to be amazing!
Brodie McCash, Timpani – Forfar, Angus
Today in rehearsals we had sectionals where we improved our technique on timpani, snare and clash cymbals and tambourine. I was ecstatic to find out we will be playing Die Fledermaus, Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker Suite and Smetana’s Vltava. I was saddened to know that we would not be performing Finlandia by Sibelius. On the whole, I really enjoyed this morning’s and this afternoon’s activities.
Ross Bayne, Trombone – Dundee
We started off the day by playing different name games, which were quite funny, to introduce everyone to each other. We then went into different rooms with our sections of the orchestra. I went with the brass section as I play trombone. This was interesting because most of the pieces were in tenor clef and I don't usually read music in tenor clef which made it quite challenging but other than that I enjoyed playing the pieces. We then finished the day with a finance workshop which was quite informative. Overall I enjoyed the day.
All the young musicians are part of the RSNO's Takeover scheme, arranged by the Learning and Engagement Department. All views expressed by Takeover participants belong to those of the individual and are not representative of the organisation. For more information, visit the RSNO website.