RSNO Takeover 2014, Day 1: Development

RSNO Takeover is an intensive two-day work experience project which took place at the RSNO Centre on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 June 2014.Eva Ferry and Kelsa Lee Mcdonald, who have been working in the External Relations (Development) department describe their experiences on the first day of the programme.

Eva Ferry – Mount Florida, Glasgow
Today I was introduced to the development team who gave us an insight to what development means, the work that the team do and how this contributes to the overall event. It was interesting to learn about the different tasks which have to be completed and we got a chance to organise and deal with some of these issues. I worked with the logistics side of things later on in the day which was useful to grasp an idea of what needs to be done before the final event. It was a good learning experience and has increased my interest in this area.
Kelsa Lee Mcdonald – Cowdenbeath, Fife
Today I was working in the development department of the RSNO. I was working with two other girls and a group of women who taught us about life in the development and marketing sections. Through brainstorming and group work we planned tomorrow's concert and I worked with two women to write and deliver a pitch which asked Innocent Drinks for headline sponsorship for the concert. We also attended an Ops [operations] meeting which wasn't the most interesting part of the day, but necessary all the same! Overall it was an enjoyable day and I've gained an insight into what could possibly be my future career.
Eva and Kelsa are part of the RSNO's Takeover scheme, arranged by the Learning and Engagement Department. All views expressed by Takeover participants belong to those of the individual and are not representative of the organisation. For more information, visit the RSNO website.