RSNO Takeover 2014, Day 1: Learning and Engagement

RSNO Takeover is an intensive two-day work experience project which took place at the RSNO Centre on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 June 2014. Cara Stewart, Elizabeth Barke, Jenny Alexander and Nicole Vasey, who have been working in the Learning and Engagement department and describe their experiences on the first day of the programme.


Cara Stewart – Airdrie, North Lanarkshire
I have really enjoyed my first day of the Takeover, especially working with the department I’m in. In my first session I learned different music and drama games to play with primary children at a workshop. In the second session my group planned the structure of the workshop we will be running with primary children tomorrow morning and afternoon. I also learned about making a budget and met a lot of new people.
Elizabeth Barke – Inverness, Highland
We looked at games and songs we could do with children introducing them to music. We then put a running order together for a workshop we will be presenting at a local school. I really enjoyed the finance talk we had in the afternoon because it made me more aware of the different things the RSNO have to spend money on. I’m looking forward to another great day tomorrow.
Jenny Alexander – Blackwood, South Lanarkshire
As part of my work experience with the RSNO I’ve been working with 3 other girls in the Learning and Engagement department. Our task for the two days was to create workshops, which included games and songs, and then to present them to a local primary school. Throughout the first day we played different games as icebreakers which was a really effective and enjoyable way to get to know the other young people I have been working with. The games and songs we came up with were very fun and will be useful to use in workshops outwith the work experience. I’ve really enjoyed my first day and hope the second goes just as well.
Nicole Vasey – Dundee, Dundee City
Today when I came in we started off with a few ice breaker games where we got to know each other a bit more, we played a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" where I won! Then we were sorted into our groups where I was in the Learning and Engagement team. We met two of the ladies who were in charge called Christine and Heather, who were very welcoming. I met three other girls called Elizabeth, Cara and Jennifer who were all very friendly and a great bunch of people to be with.
Our day went like this: firstly we planned and spoke about the workshops we are taking to a primary school tomorrow and started off with a few games that we could run with the pupils. We then learnt a few songs also and planned a lesson to take along with us. Then we went and had lunch and came back where we wrote down our plan for the workshop. Later on we then attended a 1 hour meeting on finance and budget within the RSNO, which was interesting however not my cup of tea (too much maths). Overall I have had a great day and am very excited about going to the school tomorrow!
Cara, Elizabeth, Jenny and Nicole are part of the RSNO's Takeover scheme, arranged by the Learning and Engagement Department. All views expressed by Takeover participants belong to those of the individual and are not representative of the organisation. For more information, visit the RSNO website