RSNO Takeover 2014, Day 2: Conducting

RSNO Takeover is an intensive two-day work experience project which took place at the RSNO Centre on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 June 2014. Isla Ratcliffe and Alice Guse, who have been working with RSNO Assistant Conductor Jean-Claude Picard, describe their experiences on the second day of the programme.

Isla Ratcliffe – Edinburgh
The second day was even better than the first! Alice and I had another session with Jean-Claude in the morning in which we went over and consolidated what we had practised at home. After lunch, we had a full orchestra rehearsal. We first of all watched Jean-Claude conduct the Die Fledermaus Overture. Then it was over to us to conduct the orchestra! It was daunting at first – I felt quite overwhelmed having a whole orchestra in front of me which included professional musicians. But they were very supportive and I really enjoyed it. So excited for the concert tonight!
Alice Guse – Glasgow
Today was again very informative and fun, we started off working with Jean-Claude looking more into how we should conduct all the parts. Then we had our first experience of conducting the full orchestra, which although it was very nerve racking, we had Jean-Claude there to help and the orchestra were very inviting, so it was a lot of fun. Then all the departments came together to go through how the concert would run tonight, so that all felt comfortable what everyone was doing. At the moment I am quite nervous but still very excited and I can’t believe it will all be over in a few hours!
Alice and Isla are part of the RSNO's Takeover scheme, arranged by the Learning and Engagement Department. All views expressed by Takeover participants belong to those of the individual and are not representative of the organisation. For more information, visit the RSNO website.