RSNO welcomes little monsters to make music

Orchestra's concerts for pre-school children opens doors to families for first time

This May sees the return of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra's (RSNO) tailor-made performances for children aged 3 to 5, the award-winning Monster Music, and this year for the first time one of the concerts will be open to families in an extra programme, More Monster Music.
The RSNO is broadening opportunities beyond nursery provision by opening up one programme exclusively for families at the Orchestra's home, the RSNO Centre, 73 Claremont Street, Glasgow, G3 7JB on Thursday 24 May 2012, 1.45pm.
Monster Music and More Monster Music combines popular orchestral repertoire with well-known songs and nursery rhymes, and encourages children to participate by singing, clapping and performing actions. Experienced presenter and Principal Percussion for the BBC Concert Orchestra Alasdair Malloy introduces the children to the conductor (Fergus Macleod) and the instruments in the orchestra, and uses common themes to inspire their imagination. Those who attend will explore musical concepts such as high and low, fast and slow, loud and quiet and each concert features a story illustrated with animated projections, and the children learn a simple chorus so that they can sing along.
There will be nine forty-minute performances held at the RSNO Centre in Glasgow's West End, which will see nearly 3,500 youngsters from sixty-four nurseries across Scotland's central belt including More Monster Music which is open to the public. The RSNO was one of the first UK professional orchestras to present concerts tailored to pre-school children and Monster Music has, since 1999, introduced live orchestral music to over 50,000 thousand young people across Scotland.
Presenter of Monster Music and More Monster Music, Alasdair Malloy:

We are in a position to inspire, delight and welcome young people to the fantastic world of orchestral music. We promise to present a positive and creative experience which will stay with our young concert goers for a long time. I look forward to seeing lots of new smiling and eager faces at the RSNO's home.

Ticket prices are Adult + 1 Child: £8; Adult + 2 Children: £10; Additional Tickets: £5. Click here to book tickets. Spaces are limited and availability is on a first-come-first-served basis.