RSNO Work Experience: Alistair Hewitt

During my work experience week at the RSNO, I had a great time working for my department and helping out wherever I could. Throughout the week I had many jobs to complete of various different types.
I made an online record for the adult chorus members, I cleaned the trumpets and trombones and moved instruments and packed them in the car for the petting zoo. My favourite part of the week was on Friday, when I had to upload software to the iPads. I love working with technology and computers, so this was quite enjoyable for me, even if it took quite a while. If I had to pick the worst part of my week, it would be the cleaning of the brass instruments. I found this repetitive and monotonous and I got tired of it quite quickly. Another thing I found repetitive was making the online records for the adult chorus, although I didn’t mind doing this, in fact the time seemed to go by very quickly when I was typing up the records.I feel I have acquired new qualities and skills throughout my week here. I have had to work independently a few times and this was something I was not used to. I had to use initiative if something went wrong too. I had to work by myself, and I had to organise my work on my own. This was a very different experience from being told what to do every day at school. I had to be very organised and I had to have good communication with my colleagues. These were skills that I did not have much experience using, but after a week filled with opportunities to use them, I feel I have improved a lot in these aspects and I feel much more confident.
In general, I have really enjoyed my week here at the RSNO. I had many different jobs to do so I didn’t get bored, and the week went by very quickly. I have enjoyed the experience of being in a workplace and the week has helped me grasp an idea of what I want to do after I leave school.
Alistair Hewitt – Barrhead.
Alistair was part of the RSNO's Work Experience scheme, arranged by the Learning and Engagement Department. All views expressed by Work Experience participants belong to those of the individual and are not representative of the organisation.