RSNO Work Experience: Thea Sands

Renfrewshire's Young Ambassador, Thea Sands, describes what work experience with the RSNO means to her.
I’ve always been interested in the arts but only in the past year or so has music really started to form an integral part of my life. I constantly have odd little pieces of music circulating through my thoughts, often causing my brain to take diversions and become completely distracted from the task at hand but I love it! Sometimes it’s hard to ignore and I have to give in to the glory of the music by frantically dancing around to obscure polyphonic melodies, impersonating the violins with my dulcet - often terrifyingly off key - tones or by simply grabbing the nearest pen in site and taking centre stage as a flamboyant conductor with my biro for a baton! I often fall into trances where I become totally transfixed with a piece of music; all other sounds become muted and I can do little else but stare into space trying to comprehend the music in my own little world. I first fell under the spell of classical music when I burst into tears upon hearing the first few bars of Bach’s B minor Mass. I find the power classical/orchestral music holds to evoke emotions and communicate utterly enthralling.
I’m really passionate about helping other young people experience similar feelings with regards to classical music … and all music for that matter! It’s so important for me to help others explore forms of music, even if that means influencing someone to attend one concert resulting in them deciding it’s not for them. It’s essential that they have at least tried it before disregarding the form. With this in mind, the opportunity to become a Young Ambassador for the RSNO seemed absolutely perfect! I get to promote live orchestral music and work within my own community to try to enhance the integration of this musical form into youth culture. My aim is to effectively act as a ‘doorway’ for young people establish a route into classical music and other diverse realms of music.
The ideology behind increasing accessibility for the arts comes quite naturally to me and I find it easy to talk about integration with people similar to my age group and adults. I’m brimming with ideas for projects/schemes and events which may boost this integration. It’s obvious that the perception of classical music really needs to undergo a form of modulation in order to get young people interested. I’m here to instigate change!
One of my major resolutions for 2014 is to simply delve into the world of music and get involved with further Youth Arts strategies. I’m going to continue to follow my love of Classical/orchestral music and see where it takes me and try and introduce it to those who have never experienced it before. I’m determined upon finding that spark that will get young people interested in Classical music.
Thea is part of the RSNO's Young Ambassador scheme, arranged by the Learning and Engagement Department. All views expressed by Young Ambassadors belong to those of the individual and are not representative of the organisation. For more information, visit the RSNO website.
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