ScotRail All Aboard with #RSNOchallenge

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra’s #RSNOchallenge is set to arrive across new digital platforms thanks to support from its transport partner ScotRail.

In light of reduced rail travel and cancelled concert performances, the RSNO and ScotRail have united in efforts to be the conductors of fun and educational content to homes across Scotland, with the train company now official sponsor of the Wednesday fun.

The move comes as the two organisations work to adapt to Covid-19 restrictions to reach audiences and customers across Scotland and share tips for safe and positive activities to do at home. ScotRail will share and support digital content related to #RSNOchallenge through its award-winning marketing and communications team and will encourage staff and customers to take part in the fun and education activities.

ScotRail has been the RSNO’s Principal Transport Provider for over a decade. The partnership reduces the environmental impact of the RSNO’s touring schedule, encourages concertgoers to take the train to concerts and supports ScotRail’s commercial activities across Scotland.

RSNO Chief Executive Alistair Mackie said: “We’re delighted to be working with our principal transport partner ScotRail to extend the reach of our #RSNO Challenge series. We hope that though our combined digital networks we can reach even more people with these fun and creative ways of exploring music making in lockdown. We are all missing the opportunity to travel across our beautiful country to meet friends and family but hope that through the shared experience of music we can offer a way for people across Scotland to unite.

“We have a brilliant partnership with ScotRail that allows our staff and players to travel to concerts across Scotland by train. It’s an environmentally friendly way to travel that ensures that our team arrives refreshed and ready to deliver the world class performances that the RSNO has become famous for. It’s heartening to see that during these unprecedented times ScotRail is adapting its partnership with us to ensure that classical music is still delivered to inspire and entertain the people of Scotland.”

Ros Houldsworth, Community Liaison Executive at ScotRail, said: “The digital #RSNOChallenge is a really innovative way to keep people engaged with classical music during these unusual times, and we’re thrilled to be involved. We normally support the RSNO by helping musicians travel the length and breadth of Scotland’s Railway for performances and concerts, but by sharing this content across our social media channels we can still help bring this wonderful music to thousands of homes across the country.”

#RSNOchallenge sponsored by ScotRail occurs 10:30am every Wednesdays through the RSNO Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

For more information about #RSNOchallenge click here.