Craig Swindells, Stage & Production Manager

Craig is responsible for coordinating the technical and logistical aspects of the RSNO’s activity, both on and off the concert platform. Craig oversees the Orchestra’s demanding schedule to ensure the smooth running of rehearsals, recordings and of course all of the RSNO’s concerts at home and abroad by ensuring everything is where and how it should be.

Craig prepares the Orchestra’s stage layout for each rehearsal/recording session/concert and heads up the stage crew in all of our venues to make sure that the platform is properly set and that all visiting conductors and soloists have everything they require. Craig is also responsible for the health and safety of our musicians whilst they are on the stage, ensuring that "noise" levels are accurately measured and recorded.

Transporting all of the Orchestra’s equipment in the RSNO’s truck – including instruments, chairs, stands, music, wardrobe etc. – from A to B and back again is no mean feat and, together with Deputy Stage Manager Michael Cameron, Craig plays a pivotal role within the RSNO turning the Orchestra’s plans into reality… they are also always the first to arrive and the last to leave our concert venues!

Craig joined the RSNO in January 2013.

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Tel: 0141 225 3576