Subscriber FAQs

Where is my Booking form / Have you received my booking form?

If you returned your form, the Usher Hall / Glasgow Royal Concert Hall will have received it. Our Box Offices are currently closed and with a skeleton staff working from home. Therefore, they are not currently actively processing subscriptions. Please do be assured that they will have your form and that it will be processed as a priority in advance of tickets going on general sale so that your seat requests can be accommodated.

Aren’t single tickets supposed to be on sale?

We have been in touch with our Box Offices to delay opening general ticket sales for our 2020:21 Season. This is to allow them to process received subscription first and to ensure that Subscriber seats are not mistakenly sold to other customers. This does mean that online subscriptions are currently unavailable to purchase. At present customers can only book by returning a Booking Form by post to the Box Office.

How can you be sure that concerts will be able to commence in the autumn?

At this point in time it is not possible to guarantee when government advice on large-scale gatherings will allow our concerts to take place. As we move forward with plans for the 2020:21 Season we will continue to follow the guidance issued by the Scottish Government. We look forward to sharing our plans for the new Season with you in the coming months.

Do you therefore recommend that I should even book at this time?

For customers with specific seat requests we would still recommend that they do submit a booking request at this time to enable this to be accommodated in advance of tickets going on general sale.

Why should I pay now for concerts which might not take place?

We have asked our Box Offices to process all subscriptions as reservations only rather than confirmed sales. This means that no money will be taken at this stage.

I am due a refund for concerts in 2019:20 Season. Can you keep this money and use it as part payment for my 2020:21 Season booking?

We will refund you for the concerts which had to be cancelled during  Season 2019:20. If you paid by Standing Order this refund will come directly from the RSNO and we have been/will be in touch with you about this. If you paid by any other method, you will be refunded directly by the Box Office.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the RSNO or our Box Offices to retain this money for any future payments which might be due.

I am due a refund for concerts in 2019:20 Season and would like to forgo my refund and donate the money to the RSNO.

When you purchased your tickets the money went directly to the Box Office. This is why they need to refund the purchase directly back to you. Because the Box Office is a separate organisation from the RSNO it is not possible to simply refuse your refund and have the money transfer to the RSNO.

If you wish to donate to the RSNO once you have received your refund click here.