Work Experience with Learning and Engagement

The RSNO are dedicated to introducing young people to music beyond the realms of the concert hall. The Learning and Engagement department welcome work experience students to learn about how music is programmed within schools and local communities, as well as extended as a facility for learning new skills and providing a creative outlet.
Earlier this month, Guy Sutherland age 14 from Shawlands Academy joined the Learning and Engagement office for a four-day work experience placement. He shared his thoughts in the diary, below. Find out more about the Learning and Engagement department, here.
Day 1: Monday 9 September
Over the past two days I have been at the RSNO for work experience. I have done many different things using many of my skills. I have been on the phone a lot, phoning registrars around the country and asking about the RSNO ASTAR CD, which was given to babies throughout Scotland in 2012. It was very enjoyable and gave me a great taste of what working within an Learning and Education department would be like. Later on, my supervisor and I went to a samba workshop at a different school which was very enjoyable. I met loads of different children doing the workshop and had a chance to learn more about the music and the way it is created.
Day 2: Tuesday 10 September
On my second day, I started out by making a survey on Survey Monkey about a workshop the members of the Orchestra had taken part in. It was successful, and has been sent round everyone in the Orchestra. Then I was given a spreadsheet that was to be checked and corrected for the holidays and in-service days around Scottish schools. After this, I was given the task of phoning different high schools in and around Inverness about a free coaching session on selected instruments at Eden Court. My first two days have been very successful!
Day 3: Wednesday 11 September
On my third day I started by listening to the Orchestra rehearse and then I rearranged all the RSNO’s concert guides since 1882 to 19-something which took quite a long time, but was satisfying when completed. After that I sorted out all the dates for the Scottish school holidays, in-service days and days they are in school which took very long also. But by the end of the third day I am very tired but I am enjoying myself at the RSNO.
Day 4: Thursday 12 September
On my fourth day, I finished phoning all the schools in Inverness to ask about free coaching sessions. It has greatly boosted my people skills and it has also increased my confidence massively. I helped the Library department by listing all the people who are going away at the weekend with the Junior Chorus. Then I stapled all of the music together which was fun. Tomorrow I go to Inverness which I am really looking forward to!