RSNO Young Ambassadors during Lockdown

Although we are unable to meet with our Young Ambassadors due to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 situation, we have been keeping in touch!

Twice a week we meet in the virtual world (thanks to the wonders of Zoom!) and have been delighted to be joined by special guests including NHS Music Therapist Sam Lowit; American composer, musician and artist Nathan Hall; RSNO Principal Flute Katherine Bryan; regular presenter of RSNO concerts Tom Redmond, and RSNO Assistant Conductor Junping Qian.

Our special guests have given us some great advice including:

"Try to be imaginative about our skills and abilities - we have more than we think!"

"Be organised and be yourself."

"Work with empathy and care, and be authentic in all you do."

"Prepare, prepare, prepare - and then the music will flow."

"Forgive and be forgiven - respond to failure by forgiving yourself but remember that the only way to grow is to take a risk."

"Have patience with your expectations of your career, believe in yourself and your own uniqueness."

Below are some funny photos from our sessions!

  • Hi from our Young Ambassadors and presenter Tom Redmond!

  • Perfecting our flute pose with RSNO Principal Flute Katherine Bryan

  • Pulling funny faces with music therapist Sam Lowit

  • Hiding from the camera with composer, musician and artist Nathan Hall

  • Learning how to conduct with RSNO Assistant Conductor Junping Qian

  • Power poses with RSNO Associate Principal Flute Helen Brew & Associate Principal Oboe Peter Dykes.

  • Trumpet lip buzzing with RSNO Chief Executive and trumpet player Alistair Mackie.

  • Funny faces with RSNO Principal Trombone Dávur Juul Magnussen.

Fun activities to get involved with…

Looking for a musical activity to do whilst we all stay at home? RSNO Young Ambassador Mollie shows us her top ten!

Desert Island Discs

Eight tracks, a book and a luxury: what would you take to a desert island? Our Young Ambassadors share their choices.

Abby Fabel


  1. Drops of Jupiter - Train
  2. Jacqueline - Circa Waves
  3. Loves Run Out - Circa Waves
  4. Nocturne No20 in C sharp minor - Chopin
  5. Romance Op78 - Sibelius
  6. Also sprach Zarathustra Op30 - Strauss
  7. I Dreamed a Dream - Les Miserables
  8. Theme from New York - Frank Sinatra
  9. The soundtrack from Frozen (songs and score!) - Christophe Beck


The book I would choose to bring with me to a desert island is... ‘Is it just me?’ by Miranda Hart or any of the Harry Potter series!

Luxury item:

I think the luxury item that I would have to take with me is my piano or violin. Or a packet of Lotus Biscoff biscuits!

Lucy Ruuskanen


  1. Carmen Fantasy - Sarasate
  2. Violin Concerto 1st Movement – Tchaikovsky
  3. Violin Concerto 1st Movement – Brahms
  4. Piano Concerto No2 1st Movement – Rachmaninov
  5. Piano Concerto No2 2nd Movement – Shostakovich
  6. Violin Concerto 1st Movement – Sibelius
  7. Piano Concerto in F major 1st Movement – Gershwin
  8. Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Epilogue – Prokofiev


I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes (my favourite book ever)

Luxury item:

My violin... or my bullet journal!