Young ambassadors root for live orchestral music

RSNO recruits young people nationwide to promote the live orchestral experience

Sixteen to eighteen year olds across Scotland are being recruited by Scotland’s national orchestra to promote live orchestral music to their peers, as part of a new initiative to increase youth attendance of classical music concerts.
The Royal Scottish National Orchestra announced its ambition to connect with School pupils nationwide earlier this year, when it launched its RSNO Engage programme of performances, workshops and community activities. It has now appointed over twenty Young Ambassadors to its programme, covering nearly every local authority in the country, from Highland to Argyll and Bute.
Young Ambassadors will be able to attend RSNO concerts for free and will get to know the musicians, artistic team and staff. They will be assigned a mentor who will assist with career development and will have input in the Orchestra’s future plans to engage with young people across the country. This will be open to all young people aged sixteen to eighteen with a passion for music, regardless of whether they are learning an instrument.
The Young Ambassadors will be expected to attend RSNO concerts in their area, promote RSNO activities online, create a classical music board in their school or community to highlight opportunities for young people to be involved, and attend five forums across Scotland, to discuss ways in which the RSNO can improve engagement. In return, the Young Ambassadors will receive free tickets for RSNO concerts, career development advice, be assigned a mentor from a department within the RSNO, and will be given the opportunity to influence the RSNO’s strategy.
New RSNO Young Ambassador Susannah Mack, from the Highlands:

I’m delighted to be working with young people across the country to promote classical music, giving me a chance to show off the musical talent in the Highlands at the same time. I’ve already had incredible new experiences (for example interviewing Nicola Benedetti!) and I’m really looking forward to the exciting plans to come.

Seona Glenn, from Stirling:

The world of classical music is so enriching and enjoyable to me that I want shout it from the rooftops! Young Ambassadors allows me to share my great passion for music with others of my age, and encourage them to enjoy its diversity, and engage.

Thea Sands, from Renfrewshire:

I’m excited by the prospect of change and the opportunity I've been given to work amongst people with similar passions. It’s wonderful to use my love of orchestral music to help others explore the form. I hope to aid the integration of this musical form into youth culture for the future.

RSNO Director of Learning and Engagement Jenn Minchin:

We have been surprised and delighted at the response to our appeal for the Young Ambassador scheme. Every participant will be able to contribute to the success of Scotland’s national orchestra with their own unique set of skills and contacts. We look forward to recruiting many more Ambassadors for live orchestral music in the future.

The RSNO is keen to hear from any sixteen to eighteen year olds who might be interested in becoming a Young Ambassador. For more information go to