Introducing RSNO Young Creatives Digital! A series of digital engagement projects for young people across Scotland, led by Jim Manganello with RSNO musicians. Below is the culmination of the first project which has taken place over the last eight weeks, entirely online.

Welcome to the night. The dark, the dreamy, the shadows. RSNO Young Creatives have created a late-night radio show for night owls everywhere. A collage of music and sound, stories and interviews, and dreams spoken out loud – this is both a portrait of teenage life in 2020 and a kick-back to those classic night-time radio shows of old.

After Dark was created over the course of eight weeks by RSNO Young Creatives. All of the music and speech that you hear in the show has been composed, written and recorded by the young people during this time. To find out more about the making of After Dark, please see the programme notes below. We hope you enjoy the show!

Listen to the radio show:

Meet Jim Manganello, project leader

With the Young Creatives, I'm setting some pretty weird and open-to-interpretation tasks that I hope reveal something about the group and the individuals in it. I'm also facilitating conversations between the young musicians, the RSNO musicians and Learning team, and sound editor Jassy Earl to bring this all together.

Fun fact: 19-year-old Jim, waiting tables for money and interning at the local radio station, would 'wear a wire' at the restaurant and record all the bossy customers to expose them on air (the piece never ran...)

Meet some of the RSNO Young Creatives

Amelie, 17

Involvement in broadcast: Together we have worked to create a late night radio show.

Fun fact: I know all the lyrics to Hamilton off by heart.

Bethany, 17

Involvement in broadcast: I've been helping to write a short composition in a group and adding layers and sound effects to make it into a complete piece of music. I've also done a reading of a short story I wrote about the night-time.

Fun fact: A fun fact about myself is that I'm not good at thinking of fun facts about myself.

Charlotte, 14

Involvement in broadcast: I have contributed conjecture writing, composition/improvisation and night time sounds to the radio show. I really enjoyed layering our improvisations over the noises we recorded.

Fun fact: I’m a violinist and pianist studying at the Aberdeen City Music School but I spent my primary school years attending school in Norway and America.

Iain, 16

Involvement in broadcast: I have been very busy, making recordings, editing recordings, and also recording a special wee text!

Fun fact: I love playing the violin and sports.

Jenna, 17

Involvement in broadcast: I have done a few compositions, some solo on piano and some with the other young musicians.

Fun fact: During lockdown, I made a children's colouring book and self-published it!

Lynsey, 18

Involvement in broadcast: I have composed some melodies on the violin and accompanied others on the guitar. I have done a little sound editing and interviewed someone in Scottish Gaelic.

Madeleine, 15

Involvement in broadcast: I've been composing pieces from different stimuli and exploring what we can do with music. I've also had the chance to write a report, which was interesting to research!

Fun fact: I'm a memoriser of musicals (I can currently recite four word for word).

Sophie, 14

Involvement in broadcast: I've been working as part of a team to create an amazing radio show, which we are proud to share with everyone.

Fun fact: I wouldn’t have been able to play the cello or even think about playing if it wasn’t for the council holding trial lessons.

Sophie, 14

Involvement in broadcast: Together we have worked to create a late night radio show.

Fun fact: I love doing gymnastics and dancing.

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We are grateful to The Noël Coward Foundation for their support of the RSNO Young Creatives.

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