The work of Scotland’s National Orchestra both on and off the stage is informed and guided by contemporary global events. Our response to the current climate emergency is to examine our current working practices and embed sustainability and environmental awareness into the working life of the Orchestra.

By committing to change we seek to raise awareness of positive action on carbon reduction within our organisation and promote this amongst our visiting artists, promoters, audiences, partners, contractors and external stakeholders.

Our Environmental Policy was created by the RSNO’s Climate Committee and provides the framework for our Environmental Action Plan.

Our Targets

We are committed to the following:

  • Participating in the Race to Zero Campaign to achieve organisational carbon neutrality.
  • Working with Scottish arts organisations and external partners to support the Scottish Government’s aim of net zero emissions by 2045. We are delighted to have helped contribute to the Scottish Classical Music Green Guide, available here.
  • Including environmental awareness at all stages of RSNO planning and touring.
  • Developing more sustainable and efficient working practices across our organisation.
  • Maintaining an active and informed Climate Committee comprised of RSNO musicians, Senior Management and staff from all departments.
  • Reporting progress biannually and examining progress and targets.