At the RSNO, every corporate relationship is unique.

We tailor sponsorship opportunities to find the best way to create, communicate and activate the story of our partnership. We work with companies across four key areas: Brand Building, Client Relationships, Employee Engagement and Community Responsibility.

We believe in the power of partnership and commit to our supporters over the long-term. Our partnerships are:

  • Driven by collaboration through close working relationships
  • Inherently creative and innovative by design
  • Held to account against key performance indicators

The RSNO works with a wide range of companies − from FTSE100 corporate and global brands, to small, family-owned firms. We pride ourselves on our commitment to understanding and meeting the business objectives of our corporate supporters. Our approach has a focus on creativity, innovation, flexibility, and professionalism.

For more information please contact Constance Fraser, Head of Development (Individuals and Partnerships) at: