Play Your Part and help us play ours

Each and every donation made since March 2020 has inspired and sustained the RSNO.

If you donated your Season ticket, tuned into a Digital Season concert or became a Circle member – thank you.

Over the last year, your generosity has helped us to reach over 500,000 people through digital performances, outdoor playground pop ups, interactive music-making, online singing, care home concerts and a host of other diverse community activities.

We still need your help

With the continued instability caused by Covid-19 we still need your help to ensure we can bring music and joy to our musical community.

Each year the Orchestra needs to fundraise over £1 million simply to ensure continued excellence onstage and to enable us to create inspiring projects offstage.

Our work in the community has never been more important which is why, over the next three years, our Play Your Part Appeal will revolve around not just our work on stage, but the diverse lives touched by music.


Donating to our Appeal will ensure we can continue our vital work in the community and provide a lifetime of musical inspiration.