The RSNO Youth Chorus (formerly Junior Chorus) offers its members the unique opportunity to perform regularly with a professional symphony orchestra.

Directed by Patrick Barrett, the Youth Chorus offers young people aged 7-18 the opportunity to sing weekly with a highly trained group, giving concerts, making recordings and socially enjoying the company of other singers.

Music in general, and singing in particular, is a very important part of a child’s education. The RSNO Youth Chorus gives your child a chance to sing at a high level, combining singing with games and musicianship training that is second to none.

The aims of the RSNO Youth Chorus are to encourage singing to the best of the singers’ ability, to learn to read music, and to develop and train the voice. The emphasis is ultimately on singing for fun, and on the establishment of good pitching and a good ear using the Kodály Method – a plan for young singers developed in Hungary by the composer and teacher Zoltán Kodály. Sessions in small groups working on pitching and rhythm games are followed by a full singing session. Principles of sol-fa and reading of notation are introduced.

The RSNO Youth Chorus is divided into groups: Children’s Chorus, Youth Chorus and Changed Voices.