The RSNO Chair Patron Programme

Chair patrons are at the heart of the RSNO family. Though united by their love of music, their passions for the Orchestra are unique.

Supporting individual musicians puts you at the centre of our musical family. You’re connected, recognised and valued for the commitment you make to Scotland and the arts.

The talent, passion and dedication of our musicians ensures that the RSNO is recognised as one of Europe’s leading symphony orchestras. Our musicians’ commitment to their art is evident in their world class performances, enjoyed by audiences throughout Scotland and across the world.

RSNO musicians truly value and appreciate the support of patrons; allowing them to develop professionally and to achieve the virtuosic performances we all know and love.

From musical activities in children’s hospices to tutoring the musicians of tomorrow, chair patronage allows RSNO musicians to explore the many facets of their art and the positive impact that it has on people’s lives.

Perhaps you have a favourite instrument or would be proud to support emerging musical talent in Scotland? We will work closely with you throughout the Season to find the right match for you and to create a programme of involvement to fit your passions.

Some patrons choose to pay by monthly Direct Debit, making it an affordable way to support the Orchestra. Some patrons have chosen to support our Chair Patron Programme in remembrance of a loved one, a gesture which ensures that the gift of music lives on in their memory.

Opportunities to support start from £3000 per annum.

If you would like more information about our work and how you can make a commitment please click here to contact Fiona McLeod.