Support Scotland’s National Orchestra

Our supporters provide vital funds to the RSNO, enabling us to maintain our position as Scotland’s National Orchestra.  We receive funding from a range of sources including individuals, companies, trusts, foundations, local authorities and of course the Scottish Government. The RSNO is a registered charity (SCO10702) and every £1 makes a difference. Thank you for your support.


The RSNO offers a range of ways for individuals to show their support and develop their relationship with the Orchestra.

Corporate Partners

At the RSNO, every corporate relationship is unique. We tailor sponsorship opportunities to find the best way to create and communicate the story of our partnership.

Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations provide vital funding to the RSNO, supporting the Orchestra’s work on the concert platform as well as many of our Learning & Engagement projects.

American Foundation

The RSNO regularly travels across the world on tour, sharing music with our global audiences. Find out more about supporting our international touring and the RSNO American Foundation.

Thank You

We are grateful to all the individuals, companies, trusts, foundations and public funders who support the work of the RSNO, Scotland’s National Orchestra.

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