Our supporters provide vital funds to the RSNO, enabling us to maintain our position as Scotland’s National Orchestra.

Music is about life and emotion. Our ambition is to encourage more people than ever to come together to share and love great music.

When more people have access to their national orchestra, our communities are stronger, our economy more resilient, our wellbeing improved. From the largest concert halls in Scotland’s major cities to the smallest village halls in our rural communities, the RSNO aims to reach more people and mean more to them.

The rise of the gig economy, the widening poverty gap, cost of living crisis and economic downturns have exposed seismic shifts in how people engage with their national orchestra, why more people than ever are at risk of being excluded, and the impact this has on our nation. We must act now to ensure Scotland’s National Orchestra is relevant and prepared to play its part to create a more equitable and fair society.

We currently receive funding from a range of sources including individuals, companies, trusts, foundations, local authorities and the Scottish Government. The RSNO is a registered charity (SCO10702) and every single £1 makes a difference.