Thank You

We are grateful to all the individuals, companies, trusts, foundations and public funders who support the work of the RSNO, Scotland’s National Orchestra. Thank you to all of the many supporters listed below, and to those who prefer to remain anonymous.


Corporate Supporters

Principal Media Partner

Principal Transport Partner

Broadcast Partner

Chair Sponsors

Corporate Partners

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
Institute of Directors
Scots Magazine
The Scottish Council for Development & Industry
Smart Graphics

Project Partners

Children’s Classic Concerts
Children’s Hospice Association Scotland
Culture Republic
Dyslexia Scotland
Glasgow Life
Horsecross Arts

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Sistema Scotland
Skills Development Scotland
Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust
Usher Hall
Year of Young People
Young Scot

RSNO Circle Members


Dame Susan and Mr John Bruce
Tom and Stina Bruce-Jones
Stephen and Morny Carter
Philip and Mary Contini
Sir Sandy and Lady Crombie
Gavin and Kate Gemmell
Dr M I and Mrs C R Gordon
Mike and Alison Gregson
Scott and Frieda Grier
Brian and Tari Lang
Mr and Mrs Michael Lunn
Iain Macneil and Kat Heathcote
Mrs A McQueen
Miss M Michie
Mr and Mrs Midgley
James and Iris Miller
Meta Ramsay
Peter Shakeshaft
Mr and Mrs D Shaw
David Shearer and Virginia Baird
Myra and David Soutar
Dr and Mrs K D Stephen
Mr Ian Taft
Prof M Tester and Dr C Morris
Claire and Mark Urquhart
Raymond and Brenda Williamson
Mr Hedley G Wright


Ronnie and Evelyne Anderson
Miss L Buist
Mr and Mrs J K Burleigh
Mr and Mrs G Chapman
Dr C Criper and Daw Myint Su
Mr J L Donaldson
Mr and Mrs D Fortune
Mr I Gow
Mrs J Halkerston
Mr J D Home
Mr and Mrs M Innes
Mrs J Kennedy
Mrs A Lamont
Norman and Christine Lessels
Mrs K Liston
Mr A D MacKay
Mr R Miller
Mr and Mrs S O’Hara
Mr K O’Sullivan
Mr and Mrs David Robinson
Mr and Mrs W Semple
Mr and Mrs M Whelan
Mrs A Wolfson
Jane F Wood


Mr A Alstead
Mrs A M Bennett
Mrs J Bertram
Professor G Birtwistle
and Mr R F Jeffrey
Miss D Blackie
Neil and Karin Bowman
Dr C M Bronte-Stewart
Dr F L Brown
Lady Catto
Mr R A Cavanagh
Keith and Shona Chapman
Monsieur E Cocher
Dr J Coleiro
Christine and Jo Danbolt
Mr J Diamond
Mrs C Dixon Carter OBE
Miss J Donaldson
Mr S Dunn
Tom and Elizabeth Fabling
Mr and Mrs M J Gilbert
Professor J R and Mrs C M Gray
Mrs B Haining
Dr and Mrs P Heywood
Mrs F Inverarity
Sir Raymond and Lady Johnstone
Mr and Mrs S G Kay
Mr J Lumsden
Mr D Maccoll
Mrs I MacGillivray
Mr I C Macnicol
Mr D MacPherson
Mr and Mrs G McAllistar
Mr and Mrs J A S McGregor
Mr J McLaren
Mr T McLure
Mr R G Madden
Mr S Marwick
Mrs B Morinaud
Dr and Mrs D Mowle
Mr and Mrs G Murray
Mr and Mrs J Nimmo
Professor S Osborne
Mr and Mrs D Pirie
Ms A and Miss I Reeve
Mrs E Richter
Miss L E Robertson
Mr J Shedden
Dr and Mrs G K Simpson
Mr and Mrs A Stewart
Mrs M Stirling
Dr G R Sutherland
Mr I Szymanski
Professor D E M Taylor
Krishna and Joanna Thiagarajan
Mr and Dr Tom Thomson
Mr and Mrs J B Watson
Mr A Welsh
Chris and Ann Wigglesworth


Ms S Ace
Mr D M Allan
Mr K Allen
Mrs P Anderson
Mrs M H Bain
Mr O Balfour
Mr N Banks
Dr A D Beattie
Miss J Beattie
Mrs H Benzie
Lord and Lady Borthwick
Ms P Bowman
Dr and Mrs D H A Boyd
Rev P Boylan
Dr J E Bradshaw
Mr J Burt
Ms H Calvert
Mr E M Cameron
Miss S M Carlyon
Mrs H Chalmers
Mr R Chester
Lady Coulsfield
Mrs E Cross
Dr and Mrs J K Davidson
Mr K B Dietz
Mrs C Donald
Ms P Dow
Mr and Mrs M Dunbar
Mr R M Duncan
Brigadier and Mrs CC Dunphie
Mr P Edlin and Ms S Siegal
Mrs E Egan
Dr E Evans
Mrs P du Feu
Mr A Fraser
Mr D Fraser
Mr and Mrs D Frew
Dr P Gaskell
Mr W G Geddes
Lady A V Gibson
Mr D Gibson
Mrs M Gibson
Mrs M Gillan
Mr J Glen
Mr R M Godfrey
Mr D W F Goslin
Dr J A and Mrs H M Graham
Dr M Green
Prof and Mrs A Grieve
Mr and Mrs G Y Haig
Lord and Lady Hamilton
Dr and Mrs R Hannah
Dr P J Harper
Dr N Harrison
Mr and Mrs R J Hart
Mr and Mrs R M Harvey
Mrs S Hawthorn
Mr S Hayes
Rhona and Bobby Hogg
Richard and Linda Holden
Ms J Hope
Mr R Horne
Mr C Houston
Mr and Mrs F Howell
Mrs A Hunter
Mrs R Johnston
Mrs H Kelbie
Mrs M King
Mr L Knifton and Ms J Donald
Ms J Laidlaw
Professor and Mrs E W Laing
Mr J Lambert
Mrs K Lang
Mrs M A Latimer
Mr J Lawson
Mr J P Lawson
Mr A Lockyer

Mr R M Love
Dr D Lunt
Mr and Mrs R MacCormick
Mr A MacDonald
Lady Lucinda MacKay
Mrs A Macleod
Mr R Maizels and Ms C Tilley
Mr J Marquis
Dr and Mrs A K Martin
Mr and Mrs J Martin
Mr and Mrs D H Marwick
Mr G McCormack
Mrs M McDonald
Mr I McGlashan
Miss A McGrory
Dr A H McKee
Mr and Mrs G M McKeown
Ms H L McLaren
Mrs E McLean
Ms F McLeod
Mr R McLoughlin
Mrs J Milne
Mrs and Mrs L Munro
Mr K M Murray
Mr R Murray
Mr and Mrs K O’Hare
Mr and Mrs K Osborne
Mr A Ownsworth
Stephanie Park
Mr R Parry
Misses J and M Penman
Mr J W Pottinger
Miss E Primrose
Miss J A Raiker
Dr T Rideout
Mrs D A Riley
Dr and Mrs D Robb
Mrs E M Robertson
Miss M Robertson
Mrs A Robson
Mrs F Rogan
Mrs E K Ross
Mr and Mrs H L Ross
Mrs I Scott
Mrs S Scott
Mrs J Shanks
Mr J A Shipley
Dr and Mrs M J Shirreffs
Mr E Simmons and Mrs R Nicolson
Mr and Mrs C Sinclair
Mrs E Smith
Mr and Mrs M J Smith
Mr M A Snider
Dr and Mrs B Stack
Mrs L Statham
Mr and Mrs J W Stevenson
Mrs T Stevenson
Mrs R F Stewart
Rev N and Mr R Stewart
Mr and Mrs B Tait
Mr M Thomas
Dr and Mrs T Thomson
Mrs E B Tupman
Dr M Ward
Dr J Watt
Mr W Watters
Mr and Mrs T Weakley
Ms V Wells
Mr G West
Mrs J S Whamond
Mrs J L White
Miss M Whitelaw
Mr W S Wilkie
Dr and Mrs D T Williams
Mr D Wilson
Mr M D Wilson

Thank you to all our members of the Circle, including those who wish to remain anonymous. Every one of you makes a real difference.

RSNO Patrons, Major Donors & Benefactors

Conductors’ Circle

Ardgowan Charitable Trust
Geoff and Mary Ball
Sir Ewan and Lady Brown
Ian and Evelyn Crombie
Carol Grigor and the Trustees of Dunard Fund
Gavin and Kate Gemmell
Kenneth and Julia Greig
Bruce and Caroline Minto
David and Alix Stevenson
Eric and Karen Young

We are also grateful for those who give but wish to remain anonymous.

Learning & Engagement Patrons

Neil & Nicola Gordon
Professor Gillian Mead
Mr Maurice Taylor CBE
Adrian Wilson, RSNO Principal Oboe
Witherby Publishing Group Charitable Trust

We are also grateful to those who give but wish to remain anonymous.

New Works Patron

Susie Thomson

Chair Patrons

The Solti Foundation Chair
Dunard Fund Chair
The Bill and Rosalind Gregson Chair
The RSNO Circle Chair
The James Wood Bequest Fund Chair
The Hugh and Linda Bruce-Watt Chair
The WL and Vera Heywood Chair
The Hilda Munro Chair
The Meta Ramsay Chair
The Miss Grace MM Mitchell Bequest Chair
The Rolf and Celia Thornqvist Chair
The James Browning Chair
The David and Anne Smith Chair
The Christine and Arthur Hamilton Chair
The Kate and Gavin Gemmell Chair
The Gregor Forbes Chair
The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust Chair
The Hedley Wright Chair
The Witherby Publishing Group Charitable Trust Chair
The James and Morag Anderson Chair
The Springbank Distillers Chair
The Ian and Evelyn Crombie Chair
The J & A Mitchell Chair
The Nigel and Margot Russell Chair
The Mitchell’s Glengyle Chair
The William Cadenhead Chair
The Dot and Syd Taft Chair
The James and Iris Miller Chair
The Ms Chris Grace Hartness Chair
The Pierre & Alison Girard Chair

We would like to acknowledge the generous contribution of Mr Hedley Wright in supporting the RSNO Chair Programme.

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