Community Partnerships

The RSNO builds lasting relationships with communities throughout Scotland through a range of bespoke projects, programmes and performances. As committed collaborators we design our projects with a wide range of partners, including local authorities, healthcare providers and local community groups.

Music and Healthcare

We are passionate about the power of music to support health and well-being and we work in a range of community and healthcare settings - from hospices and hospitals to care homes and community centres. Our trained musicians work alongside individuals with long-term health conditions, their families and carers in practical music-making sessions and participant-led group performances that are designed to enhance well-being and improve health.

Musical residencies with Children’s Hospices Across Scotland (CHAS)

Musicians from the RSNO regularly work with the children, young people and families who visit Rachel House in Kinross and Robin House in Balloch, both children's hospices, run by Children's Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS). Hospitalisation, long-term illness and living with life-shortening conditions are traumatising experiences at any age, but are particularly hard to deal with for families early in life. This work has revealed that music and interactive projects can have a positive effect on the mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals, family groups, volunteers and staff.

These projects are kindly supported by The Miller Group.

“We really appreciated the experiences and memories that the RSNO created for the children, young people and families who visit Rachel House. Music has a huge value for us as it includes all the family, leaving aside age and ability to bring everyone together and help create special memories.” Carla Halkett, Rachel House Activities Team member.

Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust: ST/ART Project

RSNO Engage regularly collaborates with Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust (THAT) on creative engagement projects for stroke and acquired brain injury participants across Tayside. Participants from the Headway Tayside group and the Tayside Speakability Group work with five RSNO musicians over an eight-week period. During the programme, participants explore and experiment with different instruments and musical methods with the support of the musicians. The group develop various pieces of music that they can all play together. For some participants, this programme sees them picking up a musical instrument for the first time in their lives, while others are re-engaging with instruments and music after a long time. Participants have reported significant benefits in mood, confidence, concentration and socialisation.

The RSNO’s partnership with the Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust (THAT) is supported by the Northwood Charitable Trust, Roberston Trust, Leng Charitable Trust, RJ Larg Family Trust and Tay Charitable Trust.

“It has benefitted my wellbeing intensely. So pleased to be able to be part of this.”

“This programme is so important, we can express ourselves freely within the group and connect and enjoy with the RSNO and it gives confidence to those who used to play instruments and courage to try again.”

Bringing Generations Together

RSNO Engage programmes and projects aim to bring generations together through music and music-making, helping to improve well-being, mental health, tackle loneliness and integrate local communities. Our current Generations project aims to connect elderly care home residents with nursery school pupils through tailored music making activities.

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