Presenting: RSNO Principals Month – Four weeks of FREE music education and performance content

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra is launching a month of free music education and performance videos, including four concertos from leading musicians, as part of the first RSNO Principals Month.

The initiative, dedicated to the RSNO Chair Patron programme, will begin on 1 March 2021, and take place over 4 weeks. It is the latest offering from the Orchestra as it concludes its first Digital Season and prepares for its second to begin in April.

RSNO Principals Month will focus each week on a different instrument and Principal player; they are: Flute with Katherine Bryan, Oboe with Adrian Wilson, Bassoon with David Hubbard, and Trumpet with Christopher Hart.

Every Monday from 1 March, the series starts with a beginner instrument guide video, which will be followed by a free In Conversation with video every Wednesday aimed at intermediate to advanced music students, with the chosen Principal’s week concluding on the Friday with a pre-recorded concerto performance. All videos will be available for free on the RSNO YouTube channel, with the beginners guide also available to watch and share on the RSNO Facebook page.

Chief Executive of the RSNO, Alistair Mackie said: “RSNO Principals Month has something for everyone. Whether you are a complete beginner to orchestral music, a musician yourself, or purely a great supporter of the arts, we hope you will enjoy four weeks of fascinating educational content and stunning performances.

“This initiative also highlights the importance of the RSNO Chair Patrons programme and the crucial role it plays in supporting our musicians. The commitment of our patrons to orchestral music in Scotland cannot be underestimated and we are grateful for their ongoing support and dedication.”

Director of Concerts and Engagement, Bill Chandler, said: “We are giving a lot of access to some of our leading players, more so than we have ever done before, empowering them to take the lead and share fascinating insights about their instruments and life as a professional musician.

“We are thrilled to offer this exciting four-week long programme completely for free to our audiences, so many of whom are young musicians and potential future Principals of the RSNO who we hope are inspired by the series.”

Schedule of RSNO Principals Month Concerto performances:

Friday 5 March 2021:      Mozart Flute Concerto No.1 in G Major with Katherine Bryan

Friday 12 March 2021:   Mozart Oboe Concerto with Adrian Wilson

Friday 19 March 2021:    Mozart Bassoon Concerto with David Hubbard

Friday 26 March 2021:   Haydn Trumpet Concerto with Christopher Hart

Katherine Bryan is supported by the David and Anne Smith Chair, Adrian Wilson is supported by the Hedley Wright Chair, David Hubbard is supported by the James and Morag Anderson Chair, and Christopher Hart is supported by the Ms Chris Grace Hartness chair.