Download the free RSNO Astar app today and introduce your baby to the wonderful world of music.

The app features a selection of popular classical music for you and your baby to enjoy together. Choose which track to play and enjoy watching the colourful animations of Scottish animals move along to the music.

Listening to music with your baby can help in all sorts of ways, particularly if you play at the same time:

  • Communicating and bonding with you
  • Listening skills and awareness
  • Co-ordination
  • Learning to talk

It can also help to create a happy, less-stressed environment, which is really important in helping a baby’s brain develop.

Five top tips for enjoying music with your child:

  1. Try singing, humming and talking to your baby as you listen: they’ll start to recognise your voice and the different sounds.
  2. Copy and respond to the sounds your baby makes. They’ll enjoy it, and it’ll help them learn to talk too.
  3. Make up your own words to the music. They might become special family songs!
  4. You could even make your own music with pots and pans or jars with rice/pulses inside. Your child will love it and in time will be able to join in.
  5. Parents need to relax too. Take time out to just listen to some music and do nothing else – even if it’s only for five minutes, it may refresh you.
Such a beautifully designed app, really lovely to interact with and the music is gorgeous, great for wee ones!
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