Throughout the 2022:23 concert Season the RSNO has worked with Gerard Burns providing unrestricted backstage and concert access. After hours spent with the Orchestra, Gerard has created three original pieces of art inspired by and donated to the RSNO.

These works were inspired by the RSNO’s performance of Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem in November 2022. The War Requiem is a piece of music pivotal in Gerard Burns’ development as an artist. The pieces created in response to the performance of the War Requiem highlight the vital role the RSNO plays in the Scottish cultural landscape.

The paintings were unveiled on Saturday 24 June at the RSNO Gala Ball. We are asking for your help to secure the future of classical music in Scotland by pledging your support for A Portrait of Music. Your donation will allow the RSNO to continue its essential work, in concert halls and communities, ensuring we can bring music to all.