RSNO Junior Chorus

We are recruiting new singers!

Recruitment is now open for Primary 3 children in schools across Glasgow and the local areas to audition for the Training Choir. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this year’s auditions will be held digitally on Zoom in June 2021. Children will receive a video in advance to help them prepare for the audition, with advice on what to expect.

To book an audition slot please complete an application form (link below). Completed forms should be emailed to chorus@rsno.org.uk no later than Monday 7 June 2021.

Please note, successful applicants to the Junior Chorus must be able to attend rehearsals at the RSNO Centre in central Glasgow on Monday evenings. Full details below.

The RSNO Junior Chorus is run by the world-renowned Royal Scottish National Orchestra and offers its members the unique opportunity to perform regularly with a professional symphony orchestra. Directed by Patrick Barrett, the Junior Chorus offers young people aged seven to eighteen the opportunity to sing weekly with a highly trained group, giving concerts, making recordings and socially enjoying the company of other singers.

Music in general, and singing in particular, is a very important part of a child's education. The RSNO Junior Chorus gives your child a chance to sing at a high level, combining singing with games and musicianship training that is second to none.

The aims of the RSNO Junior Chorus are to encourage singing to the best of the singers’ ability; to learn to read music, and to develop and train the voice. The emphasis is ultimately on singing for fun, and on the establishment of good pitching and a good ear using the Kodály Method – a plan for young singers developed in Hungary by the composer and teacher Zoltán Kodály. Sessions in small groups working on pitching and rhythm games are followed by a full singing session. Principles of sol-fa and reading of notation are introduced.

The RSNO Junior Chorus is divided into four groupings: Training Choir, Probationary Choir, Junior Chorus and Changed Voices.

The Training Choir

Children are in this choir for one year and usually advance to the next group automatically. Informal presentations are given to parents and friends throughout the year.

Probationary Choir

Members are in this choir for two years and continue the singing and musicianship training. Concerts are given with the RSNO where appropriate. Children advance to the Junior Chorus after the second year of the Probationary Choir, though in exceptional circumstances they may advance earlier.

RSNO Junior Chorus

The Junior Chorus is the largest part of the choir, numbering about 130 singers between the ages of 11 and 18.  This is a highly accomplished choir singing in three parts. The combination of musicianship and vocal training means that the choir reads music well and makes a thrilling sound. They perform regularly with the RSNO.

Changed Voices

This group is for those boys whose voices have started to change or have changed. We have a dedicated team of teachers who help support healthy singing whilst the changed voices are developing. They perform with the RSNO and various venues around the city.


When can my child audition to join the RSNO Junior Chorus?

Applications are now  closed to join the Chorus.  Junior Chorus auditions happen once a year in June. To apply for June 2022, please download the application form here. Completed forms should be emailed to chorus@rsno.org.uk

What will my child have to do in an audition?

Primary 3 children will attend a workshop* led by RSNO Junior Chorus staff where they will participate in musical games to test both rhythm and pitch. Children work in groups of 15 during the workshop and the emphasis is on fun singing activities. Older singers are asked to prepare a solo piece and will have their vocal range tested through some simple singing exercises. An accompanist will be available.

Where and when are rehearsals held?

Rehearsals for all the choirs are held on a Monday evening as follows:

Training Choir: 5pm - 6pm

Probationary Choir 1: 5pm - 6pm

Probationary Choir 2: 5.30pm - 6.40pm

Junior Chorus and Changed Voices: 6.40pm - 9pm

Rehearsals are currently being held on Zoom. When it is safe to do so, rehearsals will resume in person at the RSNO Centre, 19 Killermont Street, Glasgow, G2 3NX.

What is the required level of commitment?

There is an expectation that members will attend weekly choir rehearsals during school term time from September through to May. In the lead up to concerts, choir members will be expected to attend additional rehearsals. Dates of rehearsals are available annually and any issues which may prevent your child from attending a rehearsal should be raised as soon as possible. All performances are compulsory. Older members of the Junior Chorus are also expected to attend a residential weekend in August.

What does membership cost?

There is an annual membership fee of £200. Members of the Junior Chorus (11yrs+) are also asked to pay an additional £130 for the annual residential. Bursaries are available – please contact chorus@rsno.org.uk or phone 0141 225 3553 to discuss.

Does my child need to be able to read music?

It is not necessary for children in Primary 3 to read music as this will be taught in musicianship classes. Older singers (12yrs+) do need to be able to read music and should ideally be at at least ABRSM Grade 3 standard, or equivalent.

Will my child receive singing lessons?

Members in Probationary Choirs 2, Junior Chorus and Changed Voices all receive group singing lessons on a rotational basis throughout the year. The number of lessons received increases as the child/young person progresses through the choirs.

2021:22 Term Dates


August 2021

RSNO Junior Chorus (11 - 18 years only) rehearsal weekend Friday 27 - Sunday 29 August

September 2021

Mondays 6, 13 & 20

October 2021 

Mondays 4, 18 & 25

November 2021

Mondays 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29

December 2021

Mondays 6 & 13

January 2022

Mondays 10, 17, 24 & 31

February 2022

Mondays 7, 21 & 28

March 2022

Mondays 7, 14, 21 & 28

April 2022

Monday 25

May 2022

Mondays 9, 16 & 23


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The RSNO Junior Chorus gratefully acknowledges support from the D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust, the Meikle Foundation and the W. A. Cargill Fund.

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