Associate Principal Trombone Lance Green

Supported by The William Cadenhead Chair

When did you join the RSNO?
I joined the RSNO in April 1982.

Where are you from?
I’m from everywhere! My father was in the RAF, so we moved around the country and abroad a lot.

Where did you study?
I studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London.

What do you enjoy most about being in the RSNO?
My favourite thing about being in the RSNO is the people.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not playing with the Orchestra?
When I’m not with the Orchestra, I enjoy spending time walking with my dog, and being with my sons.

Do you have any hidden talents?
My hidden talents are that I have worked with wood and stone when I’ve been doing DIY in the house!

You’re stranded on a desert island. You’re allowed 3 CDs and 1 book. What would they be, and why?
If I was stuck on a desert island, I would need to bring a Supertramp CD. It’s a complete contrast to orchestral music!