Nursery & Primary 1 Concerts

Each year in the Spring term the RSNO stages a series of interactive performances for Nursery and Primary 1 aged pupils. These fun and interactive concerts aim to give our youngest audiences their first experience of a live symphony orchestra and are the perfect exploration for little ears.

The next series of concerts for Nursery and Primary 1 aged pupils will take place in June 2019.

Register your interest now!

To register your interest and receive notification of when tickets for our concerts go on sale, please email engage@rsno.org.uk with your name and your nursery’s contact details and we shall add you to our mailing list. You will then receive details for all our future Nursery Concerts and activity.

This was a very enjoyable experience that grasped the children’s attention and they have spoken about it since. It was a good start of introducing the children to particular musical instruments.

Teacher attending Nursery concert, March 2017

The concert captured the imagination of the children perfectly. The concert was just the correct length and great fun.

Teacher attending Nursery concert, March 2017

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